Wohnquartier Herbertzstraße in Krefeld

Second prize in competition

Nattler Architekten, in cooperation with Reinders Landschaftsarchitekten, have been awarded second place in the competition for a new residential buildings concept as part of the redesigning of the “Herbertzstrasse” residential district in Krefeld.

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„Pastor's Garden“ in Emsdetten

Second prize in competition

The challenge of the competition was the development of an urban concept for a property in the city centre of Emsdetten, including the reactivation of Emsstrasse through the building of an attractive residential and commercial property at the same time. The jury awarded second place to the concept developed by Nattler Architekten. All in all, eight architectural firms participated in the competition.

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Day of architecture 2016

Biomass heating plant

A total of 325 new buildings, parks and projects can be experienced on 25/26 June 2016 under the motto “Architecture for everyone”. The biomass heating plant at Lührmannstrasse in the GRUGA in Essen, built by Nattler Architekten, will be open on Sunday, 26 June 2015, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Guided tours will be offered every 30minutes. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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2015 | Düsseldorf government district

New impulses by Nattler Architekten

The objective of the concept is to establish the Ministries of Justice, of the Environment and of Finance, which are presently scattered all over the city of Düsseldorf, in one building complex on the grounds of the former Ministry of the Interior. There has been a huge media attention:

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“2015 Exemplary Construction Award in North Rhine-Westphalia”

Nattler Architekten wins two awards

The Märkische Strasse residential project and the Folkwang University of the Arts library are honoured with the “Exemplary Construction Award in North Rhine-Westphalia”. The Architecture Award is assigned for especially innovative, outstanding buildings of ambitious design and exemplary nature only every five years. The award ceremony with all team members took place in the K21 art museum in Düsseldorf on 23 November 2015.




Guggenheim Helsinki

Design Competition

Our contribution to Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition is ranking among 1,715 submissions.





Opening of the new NAX exhibition on 25/6 in Paris

Living and building in the 21st century: The challenges of modern urban life are faced by German Architects who present solutions worldwide. Under the guidance of NAX 29 German Architects who already work successfully abroad will present their projects in a new traveling exhibition. In three topics the exhibition will show in details why German planners have the good reputation they have.




Day of Architecture on 27 and 28 June 2015 - review

Library for the Folkwang University and Training Centre Dortmund

Architecture has permanence – that was the motto of this year’s Day of Architecture. Nattler Architekten guided several groups of interested visitors through “Haus Ardeyblick”, the annex of the AOK Educational Centre in Dortmund, and through the new building of the Folkwang Library in Essen Werden on Saturday and Sunday. More than 1,500 projects were shown throughout Germany.

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Lakefront Kiosk

Chicago Architecture Biennial

"The Chicago Architecture Biennial will unveil four new kiosks. One will be decided through an international competition, and the other three will be designed through collaborations between local architecture programs and internationally-renowned architects. The winning competition entry and the three commissioned kiosks will be displayed in Millennium Park during the Chicago Architecture Biennial (October 2015 – January 2016). In the spring of 2016, all four kiosks will be installed on the lakefront." www.chicagoarchitecturebiennial.org

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Hotel Franz**** mentioned by BEGA

Publishing on LED outdoor lighting

BEGA, an internationally leading manufacturer of high-quality lamps for almost all architectural areas, chose the project of the integrative Hotel Franz**** for the informative brochure of the BEGA - LIMBURG - BOOM association of companies. The brochure presents new products and interesting lighting projects. The innovative LED bollards and the LED post-top luminaires were used for the outdoor area of the Hotel Franz****.

To the brochure...http://bega-katalog.de/HZ/IS_2015_1_DE_ON_TIF_CRY/

2014 | "Auszeichnung guter Bauten 2014"

Architecture award for Folkwang Library

At the presentation of the “Gute Bauten in Essen” award of the Association of German Architects (BDA) the Folkwang Library on the Essen-Werden campus received two awards: it won the public choice award and the first prize of the specialist jury. The criteria included architecture and design, integration in the environment, construction and material, environmental compatibility, fulfilment of the construction project and structural particularities. It was designed by Max Dudler, Berlin.

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First prize in competition

Retailer for consumer electronics in Dortmund-Hörde

The new building of Mediamarkt is a project for us which indicates the change of the area. The sustainable, integrative and unobtrusive concept consists of an undulating façade of plug-in metal inserts which establish a dialogue with the former steel manufacturing location. The façade wafts like a light curtain in front of the various facilities and gives it a coherent outward appearance.

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Second prize in architecture competition

Revitalization of a Saving bank in Singen

In accordance with the wish of the principal to renovate the existing structure, which was built in 1980, in line with modern aspects of energy efficiency, we developed the idea of a transparent appearance to facilitate an easy perception of the individual facilities. In doing this, our main focus lay on the integrative energy concept the top priority of which was user comfort.





New accommodation in Essen Holsterhausen

Nattler Architekten, together with Allbau AG, will implement new accommodation on the grounds of the former Holsterhausen vocational college, with an area of 12,000 m², which will „change the face of the neighbourhood completely“, says Hans-Jürgen Best, head of planning, during the presentation of the plans on 3 September 2014. The project with a budget of 40 million euros will create apartments as well as new jobs.




Nordfeld in Bonn

EU-wide tender to invitation for the open space at the main station

An EU-wide invitation to tender has been initiated for an open space at the Bonn main station following a citizen workshop and an urban development competition, including VOF procedure. A mixed-use building with retail shops, offices and apartments is to be built on the so-called Nordfeld opposite of the Bonn main station. The "Bonner Loch" is to be replaced by an attractive  square which marks the entrance into the city centre. A public car park is planned in Rabinstraße.

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Starting signal for C&A in Düsseldorf

The topping-out ceremony for the mock-up showroom was held in immediate proximity of the C&A headquarters. Model showrooms presenting the new shop and lighting concepts are being built in the one-storey building with a floor space of 2,000 m².

Märkische Straße is brought to life!

Completion of the apartments in Essen-Freisenbruch

The first tenants have moved into the Allbau multi-generation home project. The 63 flats distributed among eight residential buildings are filled with life. The 2-5 room flats have a living space between 62 and 165 m², are fitted with modern equipment and a modern barrier-free outline. The high quality real estate was built according to the energy-efficiency standard K†W 70 and was already inquired about prior to the marketing launch.

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Day of architecture on 28 and 29. Juni 2014 - review

The Day of Architecture was a great success

“Architektur bewegt!” This motto attracted thousands of interested visitors to have a look at a total of 418 buildings, accommodation and gardens, including the first integrative hotel "Franz"**** in Essen and the AOK NordWest headquarters building in Dortmund, both designed by Nattler Architekten. About 400 guests came and took part in the hourly tours guided by the respective project manager or representatives of the client. A vivid dialogue between specialists and interested laymen was created.

Office building in Essen


The planned office building will have a comb structure with four full floors. The system can be easily extended if buildings in the neighbourhood are abandoned.

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Europe’s largest vignette for C&A Düsseldorf

About 45,000 LEDs let it shine

The C&A fashion house, built by Ric Stiens (today Nattler Architekten) in 1989, was expanded by an additional entrance in the Clockhouse area for young fashion. The large glazed area of the main entrance of the building is ornamented with the largest existing C&A logo (8 x 6 metre) which owes its long-distance effect to roughly 45,000 LEDs.

Training centres in Dortmund and Wahlstedt

General reconstruction engineering

In the light of increasing requirements on internal training and advanced training centres with regard to quantity and quality, the existing advanced training centres, including training and boarding school areas, of AOK NORDWEST are to be structurally improved at the Dortmund site (GFS about 7,488 m²) and the Wahlstedt site (GFS about 4,920 m²). Following a two-stage public tender, Nattler Architekten was commissioned with the reconstruction work.

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Kronengelände – Residential quarter with rectangular administration wing

Expertise in Dortmund

The “Kronengelände” planning area, a former brewery site south of the Dortmund city centre, was used as a production site by Dortmunder Kronenbrauerei until 1996. Nattler Architekten elaborated a draft of a residential and office building to be erected on one of the last premises.
BFS: 46,450 m²

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2013 | Essen without barriers

Franz Sales Haus scored good marks

The city of Essen and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Selbsthilfe (self-help work group) have developed a new quality seal under the signet “Essen – barrier-free city”. This signet represents a landmark for all visually, hearing and mobility impaired people with emotional disorders. At least 80% of the extensive list of criteria has to be fulfilled with regard to this project. Among the ten honoured facilities only the Hotel Franz was able to meet the barrier-free access in all four categories.

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“Silver award” for AOK in Dortmund!

Successful certification according to DGNB

The new AOK headquarters building in Dortmund has been awarded the “Silver” certificate after an inspection carried out on the basis of the certification system of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council). The certification refers to the outstanding fulfillment of up to 50 sustainability criteria.
From left to right: Mr. Auth (Nattler Architekten), Mr. Buchholz (DGNB), Mr. Keppeler and Mr. Heß (administrative board AOK NW), Mr. Litsch (chairman of the board AOK NW).

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expo real - visit us!

7 -9 October 2013 in Munich

Nattler Architekten are looking forward to engaging in many interesting discussions and making new contacts on the 16th International Trade Fair for Commercial Property and Investment in Munich.

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Living Märkische Straße

New erection of a residential complex in Essen-Freisenbruch

On the initiative of Allbau AG, Nattler Architekten are planning and building a residential complex comprising 63 housing units on Märkische Straße in Essen Freisenbruch. Three of the six structures are grouped around a green courtyard. The new buildings created a variable offer of family-friendly rented accommodation of different sizes ranging from two-room to five-room flats. The access to the flats which is mostly barrier-free and the layout of the floor plan is largely suitable for the elderly and thus enables a sustainable side-by-side living of several generations.

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SWAN – Residential and office building on Phönix-See

Expertise, second prize, in Dortmund-Hörde

A building complex on the south side of the Phönix-See has been planned which is able to satisfy the different and changing market requirements. Two rectangular structures stand on one basis – the Seegeschoss – forming an exciting interrelationship. The design is modest, representative and evokes the desired maritime associations. BFS: 6,300 m²

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Allbaupunkte in Essen

Service Center of a building society in Essen

As decentralized facilities, AllbauPunkte offer additional services to the Allbau tenants. The refreshing and welcoming colour concept reflects the colours of the corporate design: blue and green. The striking design of the façade is to draw attention to the AllbauPunkte service centre already from afar. AllbauPunkte focus on the customer, including displays of current apartments on offer, small waiting areas and the possibility of discussing matters in private.

Business and residence in Münster

Implementation of the competition won in 2012

The design of the development concept for the one-hectare site west of the former station building in Münster-Hiltrup fulfils the desired “Promotion of the neighbourhood’s identity” and contributes to the gentrification of the area. In addition to an EDEKA supermarket with a surface area of 1,900 m² and two specialty stores it accommodates apartments and service spaces on the upper floors. BFS: 10,150 m²


2012 | Grand opening of the Library in Essen-Werden

Central musicological library of Essen Folkwang University of the Arts

Nattler Architekten accompany the implementation phase in their capacity as general engineer. The design from the architect Max Dudler replaces the old building which was destroyed by fire and completes the architectural complex of the former Essen-Werden abbey where the Folkwang University of the Arts has its headquarters. The façade of translucent compound elements made of stone and glass, which has so far been unique in Germany, gives the cubic structure a crystalline appearance. | Photos and plans under Folkwang Library: new building

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Grand opening of the consumer electronics store in Dorsten

New building in prefabricated construction

Nattler Architekten built the “Media Markt” consumer electronics store on the south-eastern border of Dorsten city centre, south of the central bus station with a gross floor area of 4,850 m². This was preceded by a project-related development plan for the area of a total of 28,700 m². The location is to complete the central sales area in the old town of Dorsten.

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AOK Nordwest

New headquarters in Dortmund – general engineering

The AOK-Nordwest administration building in Dortmund with its four-storey comb structure offers a high level of openness through insight, overview and proximity. It is characterised by a bright, energy-efficient architecture which at the same time is quite representative. The roofs and courtyards of the administration building will be covered with greenery. The sustainability of the building and of the planning is to be verified by a DGNB certification. The completed building will have a gross floor area of almost 19,000 square metres a. a gross volume of 70,000 cubic metres.

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Gartenstadt Reitzenstein

Residential buildings in Düsseldorf-Mörsenbroich

An urban development concept for a high-quality, urban residential area with a special focus on free space planning was developed on the site of the former Reitzenstein barracks in the scope of a workshop procedure. Nattler Architekten plan the development of three building plots taking into consideration different uses such as living, daycare, family centre, youth centre, discounter and shopping mall, including shops, gastronomy and service providers.

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Franz-Sales-Haus in Essen

New building of a community centre, including a hotel

The new hotel building "Hotel Franz***+"with community centre for the Franz Sales Haus in Essen-Steele was officially opened in May. With the new buildings, the Franz Sales Haus will be able to extend its services with the events centre for approx. 400 people, the hotel, conference rooms, festive hall, canteen kitchen and catering service in the future

Nattler Architekten won the first prize in the limited architecture competition in 2007.

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Kraftwerksschule e.V. apartment building

Second prize in architecture competition

The high-ranking jury decided in mid-October 2011 that the concept entered for the new apartment building for Kraftwerksschule e.V in Essen developed by Nattler Architekten is to be awarded second place. The jury members praised the modest presentation of the structure when observed from the street. The elegant modern façade matches the plain and clear design concept and is appropriate for use as living accommodation.


Biomass heating plant Essen

New building in Grugapark Essen – general engineering

Nattler Architekten developed a biomass heating plant which produces energy from the combustion of wood chips to supply the individual properties in the Grugapark Essen with heat. “Form follows function” gives a perfect description of the cubic building: its purpose is revealed through a “display window”. The materials used are mainly made of renewable raw material. The colour concept is based on the park’s natural colour range so that the building fits well into the surroundings without losing prominence.

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Westdeutsches Tumorzentrum in Essen

New ward block for oncology patients

The new ward block for patients of the Clinic for Haematology and the Clinic for Internal Medicine (tumor research) is located right in the centre of the Essen University Hospital site and was moved into in January. Four nursing wards comprising a total of 146 regular beds and a palliative care unit as well as a cleaning system for beds and a Chiptex-Liner occupy about 5,700 square metres.

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